We're on a mission to make real estate investing as accessible and easy as stock investing.

We hire the best software engineers, data scientists, and real estate professionals to create better outcomes for our customers.

Our Founding Story

Founded in 2020, Awning is creating a better way to invest in real estate. We believe that by building great software and leveraging data science, we can make building wealth through investment real estate ownership easy and accesisble to all.

The founders of Awning have bought and managed billions of dollars in investment real estate and have built technology companies that have serviced millions of customers. After experiencing first hand how difficult investing in real estate is for the average investor, we decided to embark on a mission to change that by building Awning.

Awning's Core Values

  • Be An Owner

    We value ownership and resilience in the face of obstacles.
  • Break New Ground

    We value continuous innovation through constant learning.
  • Open By Default

    We value honesty, transparency, empathy, and collaboration.

Make a difference with Awning

At Awning, we are dedicated to giving back and improving the communities we serve:

  • We create more affordable housing stock.
  • We improve neighborhoods and help build communities.
  • We create beautiful rental properties for families.
  • We help our customers build wealth responsibly.
  • Awning donates 1% of its revenue to renters in need programs.

We're backed by world class VCs.