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Table of contents

ResourcesseparatorHow to Use Awning Tools

Essential Tool for Airbnb Hosts: Guide to the Estimator Chrome Extension

Key takeaways

Essential Tool for Airbnb Hosts: Guide to the Estimator Chrome Extension
  1. Install the Awning Airbnb Estimator Chrome Extension
  2. Pin the extension to Chrome
  3. Go to the Zillow listing page like Zillow in Austin, TX
  4. Press the extension to see the Airbnb Estimate
  5. Navigate to select your own comps or see property analysis

To use the Airbnb Estimator Extension, you’ll need to:

Step 1: Pin the Extension

Pinning the extension ensures you can easily click it anytime you're browsing a Redfin or Zillow listing page. 

To pin the extension:

  • Start by selecting the extension menu which is shaped like a puzzle piece and located in the top right corner of the browser. In the right hand corner of your browser.
  • Find the extension called Airbnb Estimator - Awning.com and make sure the pin is selected. 
  • Once selected, you’ll notice that the icon for the extension is now visible on the browser.

Now that the extension is pinned, you’ll notice it’s grayed out. To get it to work, you’ll need to be on the page of an active Zillow listing. 

Step 2: Go to a Zillow or Redfin Listing

Go to Redfin or Zillow and find a home you'd like to analyze. When you open up the listing page, you can click the extension to analyze the property.

  • Start by navigating to a market you are interested in, like Austin, Texas
  • Select a listing that looks interesting. Notice, when the listing is selected the extension will light up and have a red indicator.
  • Press the extension and wait for the estimate of the property to pop up on the page. This is the range that this particular property can earn on Airbnb, based on the historical performance of nearby Airbnb properties.

When you find a property that looks like a good investment, you can take a closer look at the estimate and how it’s calculated by clicking into the result.

Step 3: Click to See Airbnb Comparables

You can view the Airbnb estimate for the property and dig into the numbers by clicking the button. 

The estimator calculates the income potential of a property based on comparable properties and Airbnb’s nearby. You can refine the comparable properties and as a result get a more accurate and precise estimate of the property value. 

Step 4: Open the Property Page

On some properties, you can open up a link directly to the property page on Awning. 

On the Awning property page you can find estimates on the returns of the property as an Airbnb or long-term rental. You can also:

  • Understand the location
  • Evaluate seasonality
  • Understand the potential returns
  • See the calculations for appreciation
  • Make adjustments to multiple variables to refine the calculation


Awning helps investors find, analyze, buy, furnish and manage vacation rental properties.

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