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Estimate Airbnb revenue for any address

Awning’s Airbnb Calculator estimates the annual revenue for any address as a short-term rental.

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Note, if an address wasn't found, it's likely because we only support active listings on the market in our service area or that we haven't yet analyzed data for that home.

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Wondering how much you could earn by listing your home as an Airbnb? Analyzing a potential short-term rental investment property? Awning’s free Airbnb rental income calculator can help with any address in the United States.

How to use the Airbnb Estimator

The Airbnb Estimator works for any address, whether it’s currently listed for sale or not. You can bookmark this page to quickly get to it. That way you can use the Airbnb investment calculator by Awning whenever you’re browsing for vacation rental investments.

Enter any U.S. Address

Enter the address, submit the # of bedrooms, # of guests, and whether the property has a pool or a hot tub. This information helps provide the best possible Airbnb income estimate using a machine learning algorithm trained on historical data from all US Airbnb’s.

Browse Nearby Active Airbnb Listings

Take a look at the map or the results below the estimate to see nearby active Airbnb’s. You can see the details of the property, the earnings, and even click into the Airbnb listing result to see how it looks. This can help you further calculate how your Airbnb or vacation rental can do compared to competing properties.

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Questions you can answer

Awning’s Airbnb Estimator provides you with the annual revenue, average daily rate, and the expected occupancy of the property. You can also answer:

How much can I Airbnb my house for?
What are my estimated earnings from converting my rental into an Airbnb?
How much money can I make on Airbnb as a host?
What return on investment (ROI) can I earn on a property?
How much income can my vacation rental earn during the off-season?
Is an Airbnb investment profitable?
What is the projected Airbnb occupancy rate of my property?
How much can I charge every day for my short-term rental (STR)?
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What is an Airbnb Estimator?

An Airbnb estimator, also known as an Airbnb calculator, is a real estate investment tool that collects and analyzes data from millions of short-term rentals to estimate the potential Airbnb revenue, daily rate, and occupancy of any property in the US market. The vacation rental calculator helps Airbnb hosts maximize the profitability of their properties and find new opportunities with high income and return on investment.
On average, short-term rentals generate multiple times the income that long-term rentals earn, and an Airbnb host calculator allows investors to locate the highest-earning properties.

Who should use an Airbnb Estimator?

Whether you’re a first-time real estate investor planning to start an Airbnb business or a seasoned Airbnb host looking to expand your short-term rental portfolio, the Airbnb calculator will help you find the most profitable opportunity.

Here are the types of real estate professionals and amateurs who can benefit from using a vacation rental calculator:

  • Beginner short-term rental investors looking to estimate Airbnb income before buying a short-term rental.
  • Vacation rental property investors wondering if their rental is performing as expected.
  • Experienced Airbnb hosts expanding their portfolio with the most profitable Airbnb opportunities.
  • Second home owners estimating the potential earnings of their home if rented out on a short-term basis.
  • Airbnb arbitrage investors checking if the Airbnb estimate income exceeds the long-term rental income.
  • Real estate agents and brokers helping investor clients find properties with strong estimated Airbnb profit margin.

Airbnb property managers deciding if a short-term rental can be improved.

How does an Airbnb Estimator work?

Using Awning’s Airbnb profit calculator for analyzing the earning potential of any address in the US vacation rental market is easy. With a few clicks of a button, you can get all vital short-term rental data points for your investment property and conduct competitive analysis. Analyzed properties can be listed for sale or be off market properties.
Here is a step-by-step guide on how Airbnb hosts and other real estate professionals can start using the Awning Airbnb income estimator:

Step 1:     Bookmark this Airbnb Estimator page or install the Airbnb Estimator Chrome Extension for easy access.

Step 2:     Enter the following information:

  • Property address you want to analyze
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Number of Airbnb guests you can host
  • Whether the vacation rental has a swimming pool and a hot tub

Step 3:     Press “Estimate” to access Airbnb rental estimate and Airbnb estimated earnings. 

Step 4:     Check out the vacation rental analysis provided by the Airbnb profit estimator. Airbnb analytics are based on the performance of rental comps, or comparable active Airbnb listings in the area.

Step 5:    Browse through Airbnb comps on the interactive map. Click on Airbnb listings to access their estimated Airbnb annual revenue, average daily rate (ADR), occupancy rate, reviews, street address, property size, and amenities.

How much does the Awning Airbnb Estimator cost?

Using the Awning Airbnb revenue estimator is totally free, regardless of how many short-term rental markets and properties you analyze. Access vacation rental data analysis on any US address at no cost.

What information does the Awning Airbnb Estimator provide?

The best short-term rental calculator provides access to all Airbnb data analytics required to make a profitable vacation rental investment.
The Awning Airbnb investment calculator estimates:

  • Airbnb annual income: Estimate of the annual revenue a property can generate based on the performance of short-term rental comps in the local market. This is the product of the average daily rate multiplied by the occupancy rate, excluding the Airbnb cleaning fee.
  • Airbnb average daily rate: Estimate of the average nightly rate a rental can charge based on the rates charged by similar properties in the area. This excludes the Airbnb cleaning fee charged by hosts.
  • Airbnb occupancy rate: Estimate of the percentage of booked days over available days per year based on the occupancy of Airbnb comps.

List of Airbnb rental comps: Active Airbnb listings including vacation rental metrics like annual revenue, average daily rate, occupancy rate, distance from analyzed property, property details and amenities, and a link to the listing on Airbnb.

What questions can you answer using an Airbnb Estimator?

The Airbnb revenue calculator helps hosts and investors estimate income and earnings. But that’s not all.
The Airbnb rental estimator provides answers to key questions when investing in short-term rental properties, like:

  • Is Airbnb profitable in a market?
  • How much can I make on Airbnb?
  • How to estimate Airbnb income for a specific investment property?
  • What is the Airbnb income estimate for a property?
  • How much can I make on Airbnb?
  • How to calculate Airbnb income?
  • How to calculate the average daily rate?
  • What Airbnb daily rate should I charge for my property?
  • How to estimate Airbnb occupancy?
  • How to find Airbnb occupancy rates?
  • What is a good occupancy rate for Airbnb?
  • What is the average occupancy rate for Airbnb?
  • Where to find short-term rental comps?
  • How to get Airbnb data?
  • Is Airbnb arbitrage profitable?
  • What is the ROI on Airbnb rental properties in an area?

What alternatives are there to an Airbnb Estimator?

Short-term rental property investors who do not use the Airbnb income estimator have to resort to more traditional methods of calculating Airbnb revenue and occupancy.
The most popular ways of estimating Airbnb profit without the help of the Airbnb calculator are:

The Enemy Method for Estimating Airbnb Income

The Enemy Method in Airbnb investing refers to using the performance of your “enemies” to estimate the revenue, ADR, and occupancy of a short-term rental. “Enemies” are other vacation rentals that are similar to your investment property and are in the same market.

Airbnb hosts can find “enemies” on the Airbnb website and other vacation rental listing platforms. To apply the Enemy Method, an investor needs to find a dozen similar short-term rentals, analyze their daily rates, estimate the occupancy rate, and calculate the Airbnb income.

Using the Airbnb Estimator, investors can find the best nearby Airbnb’s to analyze, then follow the results to their Airbnb page to see what they are doing right and wrong. This is the best way to find properties for the Enemy Method since it pulls up the most comparable Airbnb’s in an area.

Airbnb Market Research for Analyzing Earnings and Profit

Conducting Airbnb rental market analysis means studying the short-term rental industry landscape in your area to estimate vacation rental metrics. This is also known as competitive market analysis (CMA) as it entails analyzing the performance of competitors - other Airbnb hosts and their properties that are like yours and within the same area.

Airbnb investors can check out short-term rental listing websites, talk to experienced Airbnb hosts, or turn to their real estate investing network.
A great tool for market research is the Awning Airbnb Market Data tool, which gives investors access to revenue, ADR, occupancy, seasonality and more in any market in the US.

Short-Term Rentals Comps for Calculating Airbnb Revenue

Property investors can use Airbnb rental comps to estimate the expected performance of their investment. They need to find 3-5 active short-term rental listings that are comparable to their property and within 1-2 miles from it.
Airbnb comps can be on the Airbnb platform and other listing websites or through networking with other Airbnb investors. Airbnb hosts should analyze how similar their rental is to the comps including property type and size, proximity to tourist attractions, and amenities. They should set their Airbnb base rate within the range of nightly rates charged by comps.
All alternatives to the Awning Airbnb estimator are time-consuming, while the results are not 100% reliable as they do not consider all short-term rental comps in the area.
The most efficient and reliant method to estimate Airbnb profit is with the help of the vacation rental calculator.

What are the pros and cons of using an Airbnb Estimator?

Using an Airbnb rental calculator in your investment decisions offers many benefits and some drawbacks.

Pros of Using an Airbnb Estimator

  • Making fast and accurate short-term rental investment decisions
  • Saving time and money when analyzing the revenue, average daily rate, occupancy rate, and profit of an Airbnb property
  • Boosting the income and occupancy of existing Airbnb listings
  • Finding the best vacation rental investment opportunities before anyone else
  • Locating the best properties for Airbnb rental arbitrage
  • Accessing nationwide vacation rental metrics
  • Analyzing short-term rental data for both active listings and off market properties
  • Getting immediate access to Airbnb rental comps
  • Performing Airbnb competitive analysis stress-free
  • Eliminating the need for Airbnb spreadsheets and manual calculations prone to human error
  • Competing on an equal footing with seasoned Airbnb hosts and investors

Cons of Using an Airbnb Estimator

  • Not including Airbnb cleaning fees in the Airbnb estimate earnings
  • Not providing dynamic Airbnb pricing
  • Not estimating Airbnb cap rate and Airbnb cash on cash return

What are the limitations of an Airbnb Estimator?

The Airbnb price estimator comes with a few limitations despite the many benefits which it provides to Airbnb hosts, realtors, and Airbnb managers.
Here is what the Airbnb calculator does not do:

  • Include Airbnb cleaning fee in the average daily rate and revenue estimate
  • Estimate Airbnb costs
  • Provide Airbnb dynamic pricing
  • Offer a list of properties for sale with high estimated Airbnb income and profit (like Top Deals)