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ResourcesseparatorProperty Management for Short Term Rentals

Best Airbnb Property Management Companies (2024 Ranking)

Key takeaways

Best Airbnb Property Management Companies (2024 Ranking)

If you're getting into the short-term rental business but don't want to deal with the day-to-day operations, you have to make sure that it is managed in the right way. If you don’t see yourself as a DIY host, you can hire one of the best Airbnb property management companies available in the US market.

Awning property management is a full-service property management solution for vacation rentals that costs only 15% of annual revenue and is available to investors nationwide. That’s why it tops our list as the best overall Airbnb property management company.

The 5 best Airbnb property management companies are:

  1. Awning: Best overall airbnb management company
  2. RedAwning: Best Half-Service Airbnb Management Solution
  3. Vacasa: Best for hosts that prefer a big brand name
  4. Evolve: Best for listing and pricing management only
  5. Casago: Best for investors with long-term and short-term rentals
  6. Air Concierge: Best for flat pricing options

Other notable airbnb management companies to consider:

  1. RedAwning Airbnb Management
  2. SkyRun Property Management
  3. Rabbu Property Management (no longer operating)
  4. Vacasa Guestworks

How We Evaluated Airbnb Management Companies

During our research, we evaluated Airbnb management companies based on cost, terms, geographical coverage, services provided, and customer reviews. We found that Awning, Evolve, and Vacasa are the best Airbnb management companies based on that criteria.

Top Airbnb Management Company Pricing, Services and Reviews

The top 5 Airbnb management companies in the US are:

1. Awning: Best overall airbnb management company

Awning is the top Airbnb property manager nationwide. The company was founded in 2020, wth headquarters in San Francisco, CA.

Awning is a full-service short-term rental property management company that covers:

  • Interior design and furnishing (optional)
  • Short-term rental insurance (optional)
  • Getting vacation rentals ready including licensing, ensuring regulatory compliance, implementing home automation, and providing an Airbnb guidebook
  • Listing and marketing on multiple rental platforms, optimizing the listing for performance, and handling marketing to ensure high daily rates and occupancy rates
  • Dynamic pricing, ensuring that prices are reduced during off seasons and adjusted for peak seasons and events to maximize the occupancy and the revenue of the property 
  • Guest experience including messaging, check-in, check-out, during-stay support, and Airbnb calendar management
  • Cleaning, restocking, refreshing, and laundry for all guests through local cleaners as well as immediately replacing any broken items and worn out linens
  • Maintaining properties and amenities including the lawn, the pool, and the hot tub
  • Reporting to the host

Awning Costs and Terms

Compared to other full-service Airbnb management companies, Awning’s fees are well below the industry standard of 20% to 40%. Awning fees start at 15% of revenue with no extra charges or surprises, making it our top choice for Airbnb hosts and short-term rental investors.

Additional optional fees include:

  • $15,000-$40,000 for interior design and furnishing
  • Varying cost of Airbnb insurance
  • $25-$150/month for lawn, pool, and hot tub maintenance

Awning Locations

Awning services are available nationwide. Hosts can use Awning’s full-service solution in 50 states, in remote locations, on islands, and in difficult to reach locations.

There are no minimum requirements to have your property managed by Awning. The service is available for condos, apartments, homes, mobile homes, yurts, and everything in between. However, some properties that are unlisted for a significant portion of the year may not qualify.

Awning’s contract protects Awning, the host, and the property. Awning incurs significant costs in the first few months of the property operating, setting it up, coordinating staff, and optimizing it for performance. Nevertheless, Airbnb hosts can opt out of services if they are not happy with the provided quality.

Awning Customer Reviews

As a relatively new vacation rental property management company, Awning has received fewer customer reviews than competitors.

You can find some Awning reviews here:

Awning-managed properties generate an average guest rating of 4.8/5 stars, which is impressive in the vacation rental industry.

Positive guest reviews highlight the well-maintained and stocked rentals, the excellent properties and locations, and the availability, friendliness, and expertise of local customer support team members.

Get Started with Awning Management

To get started with Awning simply complete a form, schedule a call or call in directly. Awning's team offers investors a free assessment of potential revenue, followed by a consultation. The onboarding process can take from two to six weeks depending on the readiness of the property.

2. RedAwning: Best Half-Service

Considering RedAwning for your Airbnb hosting needs? Here’s what you need to know. RedAwning is a technology-driven, half-service property management company focused on marketing, reservations, and revenue management for vacation rentals. Founded in 2010 by Tim Choate, RedAwning aims to enhance the guest and host experience through technology.

While RedAwning offers some core services, its limited scope may not suit every host's needs. Our review suggests exploring alternatives like Awning, which provides better pricing, more comprehensive services, and a nationwide presence.

RedAwning Services Overview

RedAwning’s services focus on marketing, reservation management, and revenue optimization. They create listings optimized for booking platforms, coordinate professional photography, and distribute listings across major online booking platforms. RedAwning also offers reservation support for guests before, during, and after their stay, along with pricing and revenue management services.

Key Services Offered:

  • Listing creation and distribution
  • Reservation management and guest support
  • Pricing and revenue optimization
  • Property damage protection

RedAwning operates across 10,000 destinations in the US market, managing a portfolio of 20,000+ short-term rentals. However, it’s essential to note that RedAwning’s half-service model means they are not directly involved in manual property management processes.

Pros of RedAwning

  • Wide market coverage across the US
  • Technology-driven approach to marketing and reservations
  • Assistance for both small and large property owners

Cons of RedAwning

  • Limited scope of services compared to full-service property management companies
  • Lack of involvement in manual property management processes
  • Mixed online reviews regarding service quality and communication

While RedAwning offers technology-driven solutions for marketing and reservations, its half-service model may not provide the comprehensive support some hosts require. Exploring alternatives like Vacasa, a full-service property management company with a solid reputation and extensive service offerings, may be beneficial. Ultimately, the decision depends on your specific needs and preferences as an Airbnb host.

Get Started with RedAwning

To get started with RedAwning, simply fill out the form and the self-guided on boarding process can be completed in an afternoon. Get your home listed on over 50 sites and get your vacation rental managed today.

4. Vacasa: Best for hosts that prefer a big brand name

Vacasa is the largest full-service vacation rental management company in North America. The company was founded in 2009, with headquarters in Portland, OR.

As a full-service Airbnb property manager, Vacasa provides the following services:

  • Interior design (optional)
  • Getting properties rent-ready
  • Insurance (optional)
  • Creating professional listings
  • Short-term rental digital marketing
  • Managing bookings and reservations
  • Communicating with and servicing guests
  • Setting dynamic Airbnb pricing
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintaining properties
  • Maintaining hot tubs (optional)
  • Linen program (optional)
  • Managing reviews
  • Collecting and filing taxes
  • Financial reporting

Vacasa Costs and Terms

The Vacasa website does not provide information on the pricing structure. The company explains what management fees depend on multiple factors including the location and the property. Airbnb hosts report fees exceeding 25% of monthly revenue. Moreover, optional services are charged separately.

Vacasa works with different types of short-term rental properties. We reached out to hosts that wanted to work with Vacasa and learned that there is a minimum revenue number that Vacasa looks for, but it’s market dependent. 

Vacasa requires owners to sign a one-year contract. You can cancel your Vacasa agreement with a 90-day notice. Keep in mind that any reservations that were already booked during that 90-day window will be honored by Vacasa, and due fees will be paid to the company.

Vacasa Locations

As the biggest Airbnb property management company in North America, Vacasa offers services in numerous cities in 35 US states, Canada, Mexico, Belize, and Costa Rica. Full-service means the company takes care of the entire rental process from start to finish, including providing cleaning services once guests leave.

Vacasa Reviews

Vacasa property management services are reviewed on a number of popular customer review websites. Most Vacasa reviews are provided by guests rather than investors. Guest reviews are, nevertheless, very helpful for vacation rental owners as they can see whether what the company promises and what it delivers match. Moreover, owner Vacasa reviews show that there can be significant issues with the services provided.

The company has achieved an average TrustScore of 4.1, based on 8,699 Vacasa customer reviews. This ranking is considered great. The positive reviews focus on good guest experiences in nice, well-prepared properties, in convenient locations, with beautiful views.

Meanwhile, the negative reviews of Vacasa highlight absent customer support, uncleaned vacation rentals, mismatches between listing photos and actual property condition, hidden fees, false damage claims, inflexible check-in and check-out times, lack of refunds in case of must-have cancellations, and others.

Customers have filed a total of 1,156 complaints over the course of the last three years. Some of these complaints include safety issues due to broken doors, not working locks, and chemical smells.

Get Started with Vacasa

Vacasa’s vacation rental management service only takes two to three phone calls to set up. You’ll get a copy of your quote, including any additional service charges, and your contract after your first call is completed. From there, the property set up takes four to six weeks.

5. Evolve: Best for listing and pricing management only

Evolve is a half-service vacation rental management company. The company was founded in 2011, with headquarters in Denver, CO.

As a half-service Airbnb property manager, Evolve focuses on technology-enabled tasks including:

  • Property listing
  • Property marketing
  • Dynamic daily rates
  • Managing bookings
  • Guest communication and support
  • Property monitoring
  • Damage protection and liability coverage
  • Connecting hosts with local vendors

As a half-service management company Evolve does not coordinate maintenance, repairs, and restocking for the property, so it’s a suitable solution only for hosts who want to stay involved with management.

Evolve Costs and Terms

Compared to other Airbnb management companies, Evolve’s fees are relatively low, but hosts should take into consideration the lack of some important services. The company charges a 10% management fee once a booking is secured.

Evolve will only market your property if it meets the company’s four standards: safe, clean, guest-ready, and as advertised. The company also requires that you keep your Evolve calendar up to date at all times and have approval from your city to operate as a short-term rental.

With Evolve, you can cancel services at any time. Your termination will be effective 15 days after the company receives your notice. Moorever, if after the first six months of service you are unsatisfied with Evolve, it offers a full money back guarantee to hosts. We were unable to find anyone that has successfully claimed this, and it is unclear what restrictions exist for this guarantee. 

Evolve Locations

Evolve covers over 750 markets across 34 US states as well as select resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean. The best half-service Airbnb property management company works with different types of vacation rentals including houses, townhomes, condos, apartments, studios, villas, cabins, and cottages.

Evolve Reviews

Evolve reviews are available on a number of customer review websites. Evolve customer reviews are split between vacation rental property owners and guests. However, reading what guests think about Evolve vacation rental property management services is good too as you want to entrust your investment property with a company that will make guests happy.

On the Trustpilot website, Evolve has an average TrustScore of 3.3, based on 3,467 reviews. This score is equivalent to average, and this should raise a red flag for Airbnb hosts considering hiring Evolve. Average owner and guest satisfaction is not enough to allow you to make a confident short term rental property management company decision.

The good reviews on Trustpilot discuss both positive owner and guest experiences. Some owners are particularly happy with the services provided by Evolve and the level of engagement.

The bad reviews written by owners focus on fraud charges, additional fees not specified in the agreement, difficulties getting out of the contract, insufficient property management services limited to marketing, lack of commitment, and poor communication with guests. Guests also highlight bad customer support experience as well as properties not as advertised.

Get started with Evolve

To get started with Evolve customers can complete an online form. Since Evolve does not manage anything except for the listing onboarding is quick if you already have a team in place.

6. Casago: Best for investors with long-term and short-term rentals

Casago is another top full-service Airbnb property management company that’s a particularly good choice for the owners of different types of short-term rentals. The company was founded in 1996, with headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ.

Casago covers a wide range of short-term rental property management services that include:

  • Getting short-term rental permits
  • Providing supplies
  • Listings including professional photos
  • Innovative marketing
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Tenant screening
  • Guest and stay coordination
  • In-person check-ins and check-outs
  • Concierge services
  • 24/7 guest support
  • Housekeeping and restocking
  • Property and pool maintenance
  • Collecting reviews
  • Tax collection and remittance

Casago Costs and Terms

Casago charges a monthly management fee starting at 18% of revenue, more than Awning and less than Vacasa, for full-service. When you partner with Casago, you are free to use your vacation rental as you wish. However, the company asks for a 30-day notice if you choose to have your home unlisted. 

Casago Locations

Casago provides property management services to homeowners throughout the United States and Mexico. Homeowners in 21 states and the District of Columbia can take advantage of the company’s offerings. This coverage is relatively limited compared to other alternatives on our list of the best Airbnb management companies. 

The company stands out from competitors because of its range of property management services that span long-term, short-term, and seasonal rentals. There are no minimum requirements to get listed on the platform, so Casago may be a good solution for lower-income properties that are struggling to find a management solution. For all this, we name the company the best property manager for mixed portfolios.

Casago Reviews

Despite its 26-year history, Casago does not have a strong online presence. Casago property management reviews are absent from major websites.

Here are a few places where you can find Casago customer reviews:

  • Facebook: Currently 4.6/5 stars based on 197 reviews
  • Yelp: Currently 3.0/5 stars based on 35 reviews
  • Currently 4.2/5 stars based on 15 reviews

Excellent reviews by Casago guests praise the beautiful rentals, the amazing views, the top locations, the smooth booking process, and the friendly and professional team. Meanwhile, negative Casago reviews by guests discuss false information, double booking prices compared to alternatives, no response from the customer support team, and last-minute cancellations with no or poor replacement.

Meanwhile, dissatisfied property owners complain about poorly managed properties which have suffered significant damage that went unnoticed by the Casago team. They report broken and missing items and no proper follow-up on behalf of the property management company.

Get Started With Casago

The best way to get started with Casago is to call the sales team directly. Have your property ready to launch and it could be live in as little as 8 weeks.

7. Air Concierge: Best for flat pricing options

Air Concierge is a West Coast-based full-service vacation rental property management company. The company was founded in 2012, with headquarters in San Francisco, CA.

Being a full-service property manager, Air Concierge delivers:

  • Listing description and copywriting
  • High-resolution photography
  • Listings on all top booking websites
  • 24/7 guest support
  • Professional cleaning and restocking
  • Guest screening
  • Damage coverage
  • Guest reviews

Air Concierge Costs and Terms

Air Concierge offers an upfront pricing model, which is why we name it the Airbnb manager with the best pricing model. The company’s management fee structure starts at 25% but drops for longer stays, higher-priced bookings, and annual contracts.

You may use the property during the term of the agreement with Air Concierge by reserving dates in advance. You can end the contract after the 90-day probationary period with or without cause as long as written notice is provided 30 days in advance.

Air Concierge Locations

The company specializes in short-term vacation rentals in major cities on the West Coast like Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe, Marin, Orange County, and Seattle. There are no minimum revenue or property type requirements to work with Air Concierge.

Air Concierge Reviews

As a small property management business, Air Concierge does not have a significant online presence. The company has a 3.8/5 stars rating on Yelp from over 60 reviews. Positive customer reviews discuss the company’s professionalism and communication with property owners, while negative reviews mention issues with property managers.

Get Started with Air Concierge

Complete an online form to get started with Air Concierge. A sales rep will get in touch to qualify the property and will provide you a quote for ongoing property management.

Frequently Asked Questions About Airbnb Property Management

What Is Airbnb Property Management?

Airbnb property management, also referred to as short-term rental management, refers to all the services and tasks provided with the aim of running a successful and profitable Airbnb business. This can include many different jobs, from furnishing a property and getting it ready to list on Airbnb, all the way to communicating with guests, cleaning and restocking between stays, and collecting positive reviews.

Managing an Airbnb property requires significantly more active involvement and work than owning and leasing a long-term rental property. This is because of the daily renting which requires ongoing marketing, continuous guest support, and significant maintenance work due to increased wear and tear.

How Much Do Airbnb Management Companies Charge?

Short-term rental management companies typically charge a percentage of monthly rental income. The rate can vary widely depending mostly on:

  • Management style
  • Services provided
  • Property type and size
  • Location
  • Target guests
  • Expected and actual monthly Airbnb income

Most monthly Airbnb property management fees are between 25% and 40% of Airbnb revenue, with some reaching as high as 45%. In addition, some Airbnb property managers charge extra fees for additional services that they provide. These can include things like furnishing, paid advertising, linen service, hot tub and pool maintenance, and others.

What Does an Airbnb Property Manager Do?

There are two main types of Airbnb property management companies:

  • Half-service: Half-service Airbnb property managers focus on processes and services that can be largely automated through the use of technology. They generally provide pricing, listing, marketing, booking, and guest communication and support. This is a good option for Airbnb hosts who’d like to participate personally in the management of their properties but don’t have the time or expertise to manage all day-to-day tasks.
  • Full-service: Full-service vacation rental property management companies take care of absolutely everything needed to operate a short-term rental. They use technology but also put a lot of human efforts into things like furnishing, cleaning, restocking, and maintenance of the property. These companies are ideal for investors who want 100% passive income and do not mind giving up control over their properties.

The services that the best Airbnb property management companies cover include:

  • Interior Design and Furnishing
  • Airbnb Insurance
  • Short-Term Rental Licenses and Permits
  • Property Listing and Marketing
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Guest Communication and Support
  • Cleaning and Restocking
  • Reviews Management
  • Property Maintenance
  • Repairs and Fixes
  • Reporting
  • Tax Payments and Filings

When Should You Get an Airbnb Property Manager?

Whether an Airbnb host needs to work with a property management company depends on many factors. The most important ones include:

  • Location: Investors who live close to their rental properties can consider being DIY hosts. However, those who invest remotely need to hire an Airbnb manager.
  • Experience: Airbnb hosts with some relevant experience in hospitality or a related industry or who have strong organizational, management, and interpersonal skills can manage their short-term rentals on their own. The rest are probably better off working with a professional.
  • Availability: Managing your own property is not a good idea if you have a full-time job or are responsible for taking care of children or other relatives. Being an Airbnb host requires daily engagement if you want to do it properly.
  • Personal preference: Some enjoy meeting and dealing with different people every day, while others do not. The decision whether to hire a property manager should be partially driven by what you prefer and what you enjoy.

Pros and Cons of Hiring an Airbnb Property Manager

Working with an Airbnb property management company comes with many important advantages and disadvantages which hosts need to consider carefully before making a decision.

The main advantages of having your short-term rental professionally managed include:

  • Maximized revenue: Most Airbnb property managers help boost income by an average of 10%-15%. Awning usually increases gross revenue by 10%-30%. This is achieved through continuous, active involvement, professional marketing, instant responses to guest enquiries, following up with renters after stays, and gathering 5-star reviews.
  • Passive income: Arguably the most important benefit is that Airbnb investors get access to passive real estate income. If you work with a full-service Airbnb property management company, you don’t need to do anything, while you receive monthly income right into your bank account.
  • Remote investing: This is particularly beneficial for investors who live away from the best cities for buying a rental property. If you are located in a market with overpriced real estate values or low Airbnb occupancy rate, you can buy a short-term rental anywhere else without worrying about having to manage it.
  • Cost saving: It is a common misconception that hiring a professional property manager makes you lose money. As long as you choose one of the best Airbnb property management companies, you’ll actually save on your property business through access to discounted vendor rates for cleaning, restocking, and maintenance. Moreover, the regular checkups conducted by the manager will ensure that all small problems are fixed right away, before they turn into major, costly issues.
  • Professional quality hospitality: Airbnb managers offer high-quality services to guests, equivalent to the services and experiences they get at 5-star hotels. This leaves them happy with their stays, ready to write an outstanding review, and willing to come back to your property.
  • Ongoing maintenance: Vacation rental property managers frequently visit the properties they manage to check for issues. Regular inspections allow them to work with their network of vendors and contractors to repair any problem immediately. So, investment properties end up better maintained.

The main disadvantages of having your short-term rental professionally managed include:

  • Management fees: Most companies charge between 25% and 40% of monthly revenue, which means that hosts have to give up a major share of their income. Moreover, some managers charge additional fees that might add up to a few hundred dollars per month.
  • Loss of control: When you have your property managed professionally, you are no longer personally involved in the important decisions related to marketing and advertising, guest communication and support, and cleaning and restocking. Some hosts prefer to have more control over their investments.
  • Less personable approach: Some large-scale vacation rental management companies that work with thousands of properties in multiple markets tend to provide less customizable services and less personal attitude. Sometimes this is not liked by Airbnb guests who generally prefer rentals over hotels because of the more personable approach, among other things.
  • Property management agreement terms: Some Airbnb property managers make investors sign contracts that make it hard to cancel if they are not fully satisfied. Sometimes hosts need to pay onboarding/setup fees and early-termination fees.

In general, the pros of hiring an Airbnb property manager outweigh the cons, so this is a valid option for those who invest remotely or aim for passive rental income.

Can Airbnb Manage My Property?

The short answer is: No, Airbnb cannot manage properties for hosts. Thus, investors who need help in managing their short-term rentals need to work with a third-party service provider.

Meanwhile, the Airbnb platform can help with the following:

  • Listing: Listing a property on Airbnb gives it exposure to millions of interested guests worldwide. This makes marketing your rental easier.
  • Dynamic pricing: The Smart Pricing option helps investors optimize the daily rates for their rental based on supply and demand trends in the local market.
  • Automated booking: The Instant Book feature allows hosts to immediately approve bookings by guests who meet certain criteria set up by the hosts themselves. This speeds up communication and boosts occupancy.
  • Host liability insurance: AirCover for Hosts provides all investors listing on Airbnb with $3 million in damage protection and $1 million in liability insurance.

How to Find Local Airbnb Property Managers

There are a few different strategies that short-term rental property investors can implement to find the best Airbnb property management company:

  • Check Local Airbnb Listings: First, you could find listings on the Airbnb platform in the local area and check out the hosts. Most Airbnb property managers list properties under their brand name - rather than the name of the host - to take advantage of their numerous reviews, their strong reputation, and usually their status as a Superhost. You can see which hosts - that is, property managers - have the most listings, the highest rankings, and the most positive reviews and connect with them.
  • Search Online and Read Reviews: You could easily conduct an online search on the top Airbnb property management companies in your market. Then, you can look for reviews by hosts and guests on third-party websites like Trustiplot,, Yelp, and others. Make sure to choose a manager who has a lot of 5-star reviews relevant to your specific location.
  • Connect with Local Airbnb Hosts: Finally, existing investors in the area can be an incredible source of information. If you live away and can’t connect with them in person, you can ask for recommendations on real estate investing forums like BiggerPockers. Investors are always happy to help follow investors, especially those who are just getting started. They’ll offer you comprehensive, sincere insights and recommendations. They might even refer you to their Airbnb property manager for a preferential fee.

Alternatives to the Best Airbnb Property Managers

While hiring an Airbnb property manager comes with many advantages, some hosts still prefer to abstain from this for various reasons. In this case, investors can choose from the following options:

  • Be a DIY Airbnb Host and Capitalize on Technology: Before the proliferation of Airbnb management companies, many hosts were managing their own properties. This is feasible for those who invest close to home and who have the time availability. To save time and optimize processes, it’s important to use tech-based tools for listing, marketing, pricing, communicating, and checking in and out.
  • Build Your Own Management Team: Another option, especially if you invest remotely, is to build your own team of different local professionals instead of hiring a single company. You can take care of things like listing, marketing, and pricing with the help of tools and work with local vendors and contractors on furnishing, cleaning, restocking, maintaining, and repairing.
  • Work with a Partner: Finally, you can invest with a partner who lives locally and has free time. There are many different ways in which you can structure your partnership in terms of ownership, responsibilities, and revenue sharing. This should depend on the skills, experiences, strengths, weaknesses, and availability of you and your partner(s).

Bottom Line

These are the 5 best Airbnb property management companies that hosts can work with across the US market. From them, Awning is the absolute top choice for the needs of all vacation rental property investors. We offer full-service management at pricing that starts at only 15% of monthly income. Meanwhile, we help hosts boost revenue by 10%-30%.

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