Refer Short-term Rental Investors to Earn a Referral

How to Earn a Referral Payment from Awning

Referring Awning to homeowners is the best way to hand off a valuable relationship. You can refer a friend, a client, a fellow host, or someone you just met to Awning and earn up to $2,000 within 30 days of their property going live under Awning Property Management. Help us get the details right, provide the contact information and some background story and we’ll follow up shortly.

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Referal FAQ

How much money can they earn within 30 days?

Up to $2,000 per referral, with multiple referrals it is possible to earn more.

How soon will I get paid?

It takes about 30 days for referral payments to be credited.

How is projected annual income determined

Projected annual income is determined based on our best estimates of the property performance.

How will submissions be tracked?

Submissions are all individually tracked and attached to your name. You will have a special link to share with your clients that will also be tracked. Partner Agents have had success sharing Awning on social media, through email, and via direct recommendation.

Are there customized links that I can send to potential clients?

Absolutely. Customized links are provided to each partner agent.

Is there a way I can make an introduction over the phone?

The best way to make an introduction over the phone is to schedule a call on on our Vacation Rental Property Management page.