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Partner agents are qualified to receive referrals, can send referrals to Awning and can earn money when buyers, sellers and investors use Awning brokerage, furnishing, or property management services.

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How we partner with you

Here’s what Awning partner agents love about our program:

Get more income

 Awning pays brokerage, furnishing and management referral commissions. You also receive buyer and seller leads.

Promote Your Listing

Awning will promote and feature your listings to our network of 30,000+ active investors, at no cost to you.

Close more deals

Get early access and unlimited use of Awning tools and support. Including an Airbnb estimator, market data, and property analysis.

Find more clients

Be the first to receive referrals from Awning for any investors interested in selling their homes. Awning does not handle home sales and refers 100% of this business to our local partner agents.

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My partnership with Awning has helped me increase my income and has left my clients very happy.

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Awning Partner Agent FAQ

Why should real estate agents and brokers become an Awning’s Partner Agent?

At Awning, we pride ourselves on being the premier vacation rental management company in North America. That's why we've developed the Partner Agent Network, specifically for real estate agents working with clients interested in purchasing second homes. As a member of this exclusive network, you'll have access to a range of resources and data that are unavailable elsewhere in the industry. Plus, when you close a deal, you'll be able to offer your clients top-notch property management services nationwide.

Why types of tools and resources are available to Awning Partner Agents?

Awning Partner Agents have access to our pricing experts for specific property analysis, our pre-analyzed feed of top investment properties, and our Airbnb estimator. Partner agents also get access to new tools and services before they become available to the general public.

How much does it cost to become an Awning Partner Agent?

There is no cost to becoming an Awning Partner Agent. Simply complete your application and someone on our team will be touch with you.

How does the being an Awning Partner Agent help me take care of my clients?

At Awning, we understand the financial and logistical challenges of owning a second home. That's why we offer detailed income projections and comprehensive management services for vacation properties. By partnering with us, real estate professionals can give their clients a valuable edge when it comes to investing in a vacation home. With Awning on their side, vacation property owners can maximize the returns on their investment and minimize the effort required to maintain their home.

How do I refer clients to Awning? Will I be compensated?

Ff you know someone who could benefit from Awning's professional property management services, you can easily submit their information through our online referral form. Alternatively, you can pass their details along to your Awning homeowner consultant. As a thank you for your referral, you'll receive a referral payment once your real estate client signs up for Awning property management, around 30 days after their rental goes live on As a referring agent, you can earn $500 to $2,000 in referral payment income for each home.

Does Awning send Partner Agents leads? If so, what is the referral fee?

It's possible, although not guaranteed. Although Awning is not a lead generation source, you may be eligible to receive real estate leads if you're enrolled in the Partner Agent Network and leads in need of an agent become available in your market. There is no certification requirement. If you close a deal that was sourced from Awning, you'll receive a 25% broker-to-broker referral fee.

How does Awning send referrals to qualified Partner Agents?

Awning sends referrals via email, phone call, and/or text message. Please note that message and data rates may apply.

Will Awning share my listings with it’s network of buyers and investors?

Absolutely. Awning selects the top properties on the market and from our Partner Agents to share with our network of 30,000+ investors around the country every week.

What criteria does a Partner Agent property need to meet for Awning to promote it?

Properties need to be in top 10% of available properties when considered as an Airbnb investment to be promoted to investors.

How do I submit a property to be evaluated by the Awning team?

Simply send an email to with your property listing.

What is the process to start earning referral fees?

To start earning referral fees, sign up to be a partner agent, get approval and complete the form with your lead. Alternatively you can send an email to