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Active Airbnb For Sale - Austin Texas

3007 Geronimo Trail Austin, TX 78734
$1,499,000 | 3 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | 5.0% Cap Rate

Address: 3007 Geronimo Trail - Austin, TX 78734

Listing: Awning - Redfin - Zillow

Airbnb Estimator: Awning

Market Data: Airbnb Market Data

Welcome to your opportunity to invest in an exceptional lakefront property in the highly sought-after Apache Shores Neighborhood of Austin, Texas. With breathtaking views of Lake Austin and access to resort-style amenities, this stunning property is the perfect vacation rental investment opportunity.

As a fully furnished and decorated property, this investment maximizes your guest experience and profitability. Plus, with a low HOA fee of only $8.75/month, a minimal owner maintenance requirement, and top-notch property management services provided by AvantStay, you can enjoy the benefits of vacation rental ownership without the hassle.

Located just minutes away from Mansfield Dam Park, Lake Travis Zipline Adventures, Lakeway City Park, Pennybacker Bridge Overlook, and more, your guests will have endless entertainment options. And with an A+ overall school grade and desirable niche neighborhood rating, this property is sure to attract families, couples, and groups of friends alike.

Take advantage of the available AvantStay brochure, virtual tour, floor plan, Airbnb listing, and 3D property tour to see for yourself why this property is the perfect investment opportunity. With a projected cap rate of 5%, an IRR of 26.8%, and a 10-year return of 389%, this investment is sure to pay off.

Don't wait to invest in this exceptional lakefront property. Contact the agent today to learn more and start enjoying the benefits of luxury vacation rental investment.

Airbnb Income and Return Estimates

How much does the home cost?


How much will it earn on Airbnb?

$13,800 per month

How much will it cost to furnish it?

The property is being sold fully furnished and decorated, which means you can start earning rental income right away without having to spend time and money on furnishing the property. Additionally, estimates a $5,000 budget for any necessary replacements or additional furniture items, giving you the flexibility to personalize the space to your liking or make any necessary updates to ensure your guests' ultimate comfort

How much will it cost to renovate?

The estimate for renovations is $5,000 to enhance the property's appearance and prepare it for renting.  

How much cash can you take home in the first year?

The projected cash flow in the first year of owning this property as a vacation rental is negative $490 per month. It's important to note that this is just a projection and the actual cash flow could vary depending on a variety of factors, such as occupancy rates and maintenance expenses.

What is the cap rate for this property?

The estimated cap rate is 5.0%.

All of the cap rates and returns for this property are estimates and are not intended as a guarantee of income or returns. Every investment has risks. It's important to discuss any investment, returns, regulations, laws and projections with a financial advisor, attorney or another fiduciary.

Austin Short-term Rental Regulations

What are the short-term rental laws and regulations in Austin, Texas?

  • In Austin, Texas, there are laws and regulations in place for short-term rentals (STRs). Property owners who rent their properties for less than 30 consecutive days, including rooms and guest houses, are required to obtain an operating license annually [1]. Hosts must apply for the license or provide a notarized letter of authorization to third-party agents wishing to rent their property [3].
  • There are three types of short-term rental licenses in Austin: Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3. Type 1 is for renting out a portion of the owner's primary residence, while Type 2 is for renting out an entire property that is not the owner's primary residence. Type 3 is for renting out a property for events such as weddings or corporate retreats. Owners of STRs are required by the City of Austin to obtain an operating license and renew annually [2].
  • To report a code violation related to short-term rentals in Austin, residents can call 3-1-1, use the 3-1-1 app, or submit a report online [1]. It is important for property owners to comply with the laws and regulations surrounding STRs to avoid any potential fines or penalties.

Is there a moratorium in short-term rentals in Austin, Texas?

  • According to the City of Austin's rules for short-term rentals, a short-term rental (Type 2) use may not be located on a lot that is within 1000 feet of another short-term rental (Type 2) use [1]. In addition, there have been recent court decisions regarding the City of Austin's rules for STRs. In 2022, the city was set to ban all "Type 2" STRs, which refers to a single-family STR that is not owner-occupied. However, a court of appeals struck down parts of the city's rules for STRs, although it is unclear how this will affect the ban on Type 2 STRs [2]. As of January 2022, the city was refusing to issue short-term rental permits despite the court's ruling, according to one source [3].
  • Overall, the rules and regulations for STRs in Austin are subject to change, and it is important for property owners to stay up-to-date with the latest developments to ensure compliance with the law.

What There Is To Do in Austin

Google Maps view of location.

Where is Austin, Texas?

  • Austin is the capital city of the state of Texas in the United States. It is located in central Texas, about 150 miles (240 kilometers) south of Dallas and 160 miles (260 kilometers) west of Houston.

What is there to do in Austin, Texas?

  • Visit the Texas State Capitol: Take a tour of the Capitol building, which houses the offices of the Governor and the Texas Legislature.
  • Explore the outdoors: Austin is home to many parks and natural attractions, including Lady Bird Lake, Zilker Park, and the Barton Creek Greenbelt.
  • Check out the music scene: Austin is known as the "Live Music Capital of the World," so be sure to catch a show at one of the many music venues around town.
  • Visit museums and galleries: Austin is home to many museums and galleries, including the Blanton Museum of Art, the Texas Memorial Museum, and the Contemporary Austin.
  • Experience the food scene: Austin is famous for its food trucks, barbecue, and Tex-Mex cuisine. Be sure to try some of the city's iconic dishes while you're there.
  • Shop local: Austin has a thriving local business scene, with many unique boutiques, artisan shops, and farmer's markets to explore.
  • Attend festivals and events: Austin is home to many festivals and events throughout the year, including South by Southwest (SXSW), the Austin City Limits Music Festival, and the Texas Book Festival.

What kinds of people travel to Austin, Texas?

Austin, Texas is known for its diverse and eclectic community, so there is no one specific type of person that travels there. However, some common types of travelers to Austin include:

  • Music enthusiasts - Austin is known as the "Live Music Capital of the World" and attracts many visitors who want to experience the local music scene.
  • Foodies - Austin is home to a thriving food scene, with many renowned restaurants and food trucks. Visitors come to Austin to sample the local cuisine and attend food festivals.
  • Outdoor adventurers - Austin is surrounded by beautiful parks, lakes, and natural attractions, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking, and more.
  • Tech professionals - Austin has a growing tech industry and is home to many technology companies, so tech professionals often travel to the city for work-related events or job opportunities.
  • Art and culture lovers - Austin has a thriving arts and culture scene, with many museums, galleries, theaters, and cultural events. Visitors come to Austin to experience the city's unique cultural offerings.

When are the busiest and slowest seasons for tourism in Austin, Texas?

  • The busiest tourism season in Austin, Texas is generally during the spring and summer months, from March through August, with the peak in March during the SXSW festival and in October during the Austin City Limits Music Festival. The slowest season for tourism is usually during the winter months, from December through February, with fewer events and activities happening during this time. However, Austin is a popular destination year-round, with events and festivals happening throughout the year, so there are still plenty of visitors during the slower months.

How far is Austin, Texas from the nearest airport?

  • Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) is the nearest airport to Austin, Texas. It is located about 8 miles southeast of downtown Austin.

Are there any major events in Austin, Texas?

  • South by Southwest (SXSW) - a music, film, and interactive media festival held annually in March.
  • Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL Fest) - a two-weekend music festival held in Zilker Park in October.
  • Texas Book Festival - an annual literary festival held in downtown Austin in October.
  • Formula 1 United States Grand Prix - an annual Formula 1 race held at the Circuit of the Americas in November.
  • Texas Independence Day Celebrations - a festival celebrating Texas' independence from Mexico held on March 2nd.

What Airbnb amenities do guests expect and pay a premium for in Austin, Texas?

Airbnb guests in Austin, Texas typically expect and are willing to pay a premium for certain amenities, such as:

  • Pool: With hot summer temperatures, having a pool is often seen as a desirable amenity for guests.
  • Outdoor Space: Outdoor spaces, such as a patio or balcony, are popular for enjoying Austin's warm climate.
  • Location: Austin is known for its music scene, food, and festivals, so a prime location close to these attractions can be a big selling point for an Airbnb.
  • WiFi: Many travelers require reliable WiFi for work or to stay connected with loved ones.
  • Pet-Friendly: As Austin is a pet-friendly city, many guests travel with their pets and look for accommodations that allow them.
  • Parking: Parking can be a challenge in the city, so guests may be willing to pay extra for a designated parking spot.
  • Kitchen: With Austin's thriving food scene, guests may appreciate a well-equipped kitchen to cook meals and save money on dining out.
  • Unique Features: Many guests are drawn to unique and quirky Airbnb listings, such as a converted shipping container or a treehouse.

It's important to note that amenities that guests prioritize can vary depending on the individual, the purpose of their trip, and the length of their stay.

Getting This Airbnb Operational

To get the property ready:

  • Place an offer on this property: If you have a local real estate agent forward them this email and let them know you are interested in the property. If you want help finding the best representation, simply reply to this email and request an agent. Awning will get in touch with it’s network of agents. It’s best to be qualified for a mortgage, here is a list of lenders that work with Airbnb investors.
  • Close on the property: Closing on this property should be simple. An agent will help you review the contract and confirm that everything in the inspection report makes this a good deal.
  • Renovate and furnish the property: This property is easy to renovate and furnish. Then you’ll need some items, which you can find in this Airbnb Host Checklist.

Hire Awning to manage your property:

  • Awning Management: If you choose to use Awning Property Management we can take care of gathering documents and list the property for you. You can learn more about Awning Property Management or reach our team by responding to this email.

Or for Self Managing

  • Gather necessary documents and permission: You’ll want to consult Texas Short Term Rental Laws. In most cases, you won’t require an attorney as the paperwork process is straightforward.
  • List the property on Airbnb: To list your property on Airbnb you’ll need a description, title and professional photography.
  • Manage the Airbnb: If you choose to self-manage the Airbnb you should not have much trouble finding reliable cleaners in the area.

Become a better host and investor in just 5 minutes

Get the daily newsletter that makes learning about real estate investing fun. Stay informed and engaged, for free.

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