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Best Airbnb Smart TV

Key takeaways

Best Airbnb Smart TV

A smart TV is a television that is equipped with internet connectivity and built-in streaming capabilities, allowing users to access a wide range of online media, including streaming platforms and music. For Airbnb guests, the presence of a smart TV means a convenient and enjoyable entertainment experience during their stay. While it’s not necessary to invest in one, it can significantly impact your guests’ perception of your rental property.

The best Airbnb Smart TVs include:

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How We Selected the Best Airbnb Smart TVs

To evaluate the six best smart TVs for Airbnbs and vacation rentals, we considered a variety of factors including first-hand experiences from verified hosts, reviews from customers, price to quality ratio, build quality, beginner-friendliness, and the TV’s high-tech features.

We evaluated these Airbnb smart TVs based on:

  • Host Recommendations: We asked a group of experienced Airbnb hosts to get their feedback on the smart TVs they use in their properties and which ones they would recommend to others.
  • Online Reviews: We scoured Amazon, Wayfair, and other websites for online reviews to get a sense of overall customer satisfaction with the TVs.
  • Price: We considered the price of the TVs and picked appliances for various budgets.
  • Durability: We evaluated the TVs' build quality and durability to ensure that they would hold up well in a high-use environment like an Airbnb.
  • Ease of Use: We considered how easy the TVs were to set up and use, including how user-friendly the interface is and how easy it is for guests to access and navigate the various smart features.
  • Smart Features: We looked at the range of smart features available on the TVs, including streaming capabilities, internet connectivity, voice control, and app compatibility, to ensure that they offer a wide range of options for guests.

According to our criteria the best smart TV for Airbnb hosts is the Samsung QN55QN85BAFXZA 55". This TV offers great quality for its price, and has a variety of entertainment features that will appeal to your guests.

The best Smart TVs for an Airbnb are:

1. Samsung QN55QN85BAFXZA 55": Best Rated

The 55” version is relatively affordable on Amazon (Source: Amazon)

The Samsung QN55QN85BAFXZA 55" is a high-end smart TV that is designed to provide a premium entertainment experience for users. This TV is part of Samsung's QN85B Neo QLED series, which is known for better quality and contrast vs traditional QLED.

The 55” version is available starting at $968.49 on Amazon. You can also check out the Samsung website for more.

With Samsung's Neo QLED technology, expect exceptional picture quality. This technology uses mini-LED backlighting that enhances the color, brightness, and contrast of the display, resulting in a stunning and vibrant picture. The TV comes with built-in voice assistants so your guests can easily control its functions.

One drawback of this TV is that it’s only compatible with Samsung's smart hub, which means that if you already have an Amazon Firestick (or other devices) on hand, it’ll be rendered useless. Still, for less than $1000 for a relatively large smart TV, this provides great value for the price.

2. TCL 32S327 32": Best Budget-Friendly

Get this smart TV for less than $300 (Source: Amazon)

Smart TVs needn’t be expensive, as evidenced by the TCL 32S327 32".  This TV starts at $207.44 on Amazon. Check out the TCL website for more.

The main selling point of the TCL 32S327 32" is its affordable price point, which makes it an excellent option for hosts who are on a tight budget. Additionally, this TV is equipped with a 1080p resolution and direct-lit LED display which provides decent picture quality for the size and price.

For less than $300, you get a TV that includes built-in streaming capabilities and voice control, which allow guests to access popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video through the Roku TV platform. Additionally, the TV's compact size and simple design make it easy to install and set up in any room, and the simple remote control is a breeze for guests to navigate and use.

However, we dislike its small screen size, which may not be suitable for larger rooms or guests looking for a more immersive viewing experience. For a premium Airbnb, this won’t be the right smart TV to invest in.

3. LG 55UM7300PUA 55": Best for Durability

This smart TV is built to withstand heavy use (Source: Amazon)

The LG 55UM7300PUA 55" is a smart TV that offers a great balance of features and durability for Airbnb hosts. Amazon sells it for $999.99, but it occasionally goes on sale at 50% off. Check the LG website for more information.

This TV boasts a 4K display, HDR compatibility, and low response time. It has an advanced color enhancer and true color accuracy to display colors exactly as intended. It also has built-in streaming features, a user-friendly smart remote, and voice assistant capabilities to help your guests navigate its offerings.

However, what we like most about this TV is its durability, which makes it well suited for high-use environments like vacation rentals. Though its components are only made of plastic, the TV is built with high-quality materials and has a sturdy design that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use.

Still, it doesn’t check all our boxes: it has poor screen brightness, and poor contrast (meaning blacks won’t show up as dark on screen). However, despite these drawbacks, it’s still worth a look—especially on sale.

4. Insignia NS-24F201NA23 24": Best Space-Efficient

This TV is small and cheap—great for tiny properties (Source: Amazon)

For a small and extremely affordable smart TV, try the Insignia NS-24F201NA23. This 2022 model TV is extremely cheap at $79.99 on Amazon. View other similar options on the Insignia website.

For its price, don’t expect tons of bells and whistles. Still, it has a 720p resolution that isn’t so bad on a 24” screen. It’s small enough to fit in any property. It also has Fire TV built-in, so your guests will have access to millions of entertainment options including movies, TV shows, and music. Surprisingly, it comes with built-in voice control with the Alexa Voice Remote.

However, and while the price tag is extremely attractive, this is not a TV that’s built to last. Its screen size is very small (which is a plus for very small properties, but will look out of place in bigger Airbnbs), and it’s lightweight. 720p won’t give fantastic picture quality, and the sound can be better—if you have the space, we recommend connecting a sound bar.

5. Sony XBR-55A8H 55": Best Luxury

Impress your guests with this smart TV (Source: Amazon)

The Sony XBR-55A8H 55" is a top-of-the-line smart OLED TV from 2020 that offers a luxury entertainment experience. Get it at $1,250 on Amazon or on the Sony website.

The TV's OLED display provides deep blacks, vibrant colors, and high contrast, resulting in a stunning and immersive experience. The TV also comes with Sony's X1 Ultimate Processor, which optimizes the picture and sound quality to deliver exceptional viewing with a 4K resolution.

The TV is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa which allows guests to control the TV through voice commands. It comes with many built-in streaming platforms for millions of entertainment options. Its design is also super thin and sleek, and it will look great in any property.

While this is a fantastic TV that won’t disappoint, some customers complain about the ultra-reflective screen. This may pose a problem if you intend to place this TV in a brightly-lit room.

6. LG 65NANO99UNA 65": Best High-Tech

Get the most advanced technology with this LG TV (Source: Amazon)

Though this is a relatively old 2020 TV, the LG 65NANO99UNA is still one of the most advanced in the market. Get this on Amazon for $4,999.99, or see the LG website for more.

It has four times the resolution of a 4K TV, and is equipped with LG's NanoCell technology which provides excellent color accuracy and wide viewing angles. With a multitude of built-in streaming services, plus Dolby Atmos and support for Dolby Vision (that adjusts settings based on lighting conditions and content genres), this TV will give your guests hours of entertainment.

We love that it comes with an easy-to-configure Magic Remote that lets your guests speak, point, click, and scroll to control the TV from afar. Though this TV has a lot of features, LG makes everything user-friendly.

Its biggest (and only) drawback is its price. At almost $5,000, this is by far the most expensive option on our list. But if you have the budget for it, this is definitely a TV that will leave your guests with a great impression of your rental.

Key Takeaway

Smart TVs are a great addition to any vacation rental property, providing guests with hours of convenient entertainment. After evaluating a variety of factors, we have determined that the best smart TV for vacation properties is the Samsung QN55QN85BAFXZA 55”. This TV offers excellent picture quality, a wide range of smart features, and a great value for its price.

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