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Best Airbnb Bedding

Key takeaways

Best Airbnb Bedding

Bedding includes bed covers, sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and basically everything used to cover your beds. To provide a top-notch experience for your guests, you need to make sure that the bedding in your vacation rental is high quality and comfortable. Poor quality bedding can be uncomfortable to sleep on and make your property look cheap.

The best bedding for your Airbnb include:

An Airbnb Host Checklist is the best way to make sure you don’t miss anything when setting up your Airbnb or simply make a copy of the Host Checklist Google Sheet. Happy hosting!

How We Selected the Best Airbnb Bedding

The best bedding for your vacation rental should be comfortable for your guests to sleep on. Other considerations include durability, price, ease of cleaning, and material. The material you choose will affect how long your sheets will last, how they’ll feel, and how much heat they retain.

Here’s the breakdown of how we evaluated the bedding:

  • Host Recommendations: We looked at recommendations from top Airbnb hosts and superhosts.
  • Online Reviews: Then, we searched for reviews online to see which are worth the buy.
  • Durability: Bedding needs to last—we rated tougher bedding sets higher, especially if they can be used and cleaned constantly without signs of wear.
  • Price: Though bedding can be expensive, as an Airbnb host you should pick more affordable options as you’ll presumably need to replace these every so often.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Your bedding shouldn’t be a hassle to clean—machine-washable and bleachable bedding sets rank highly on our list as they can be thrown into the wash after every stay.
  • Material: The best sheets are made of breathable materials that stay cool despite the weather. These are perfect to give your guests the best night’s sleep.

According to our criteria the best bedding for Airbnb hosts is the Allswell Starter Bed Bundle. It is made from 100%, 300 thread count percale cotton. And for just slightly over $100, you get a complete bedding set that looks and feels great on any of your beds.

1. Allswell Starter Bed Bundle: Overall Best Bedding Set

Get everything you need with this complete bedding set (Source: Allswell)

The Allswell Starter Bed Bundle is our top pick for a complete bedding set. The queen sized set comes with a duvet cover, one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, shams and pillowcases. Purchase it for $135 (queen) on the Allswell website.

It’s made of 100% cotton with a 300 thread count percale weave. It stays crisp and regulates body temperature for a better night’s sleep.

It’s not as luxe as our other options, but for a basic bedding set that looks great, you could do a lot worse than Allswell. One other drawback is that the set isn’t as widely available (you can’t purchase it on Amazon, for example).

What we love most about the set is that it’s machine-washable, and if you purchase it in white, it can be bleached too. This makes it easy to clean up after your guests—most cleaning companies prefer pure white bedding, as they can be cleaned better and easier.

“I like having easy care maintenance. That is another reason why it’s my favorite because it’s easy to clean. What also makes it particularly great is that it is a luxury count, yet it’s also economical for the user for a first time Airbnb home.” - Ramiro Cerda co-founder of TheMVP.Life and Escape Travel Club

2. CozyLux Seersucker Comforter Set: Best Budget Bedding

Purchase this classy set for an affordable price on Amazon (Source: Amazon)

The CozyLux Seersucker Comforter Set is our favorite budget pick, at just $61.99 for a queen-sized set on Amazon. For more information, you can also check out the CozyLux website.

Though this set is cheap, you won’t miss out on anything. It comes with one comforter, two pillow shams, two pillow cases, one flat sheet, and one fitted sheet.

Not only is it machine-washable, you can tumble dry it on low settings as well. Because the top has a “wrinkled” appearance, your maintenance staff don’t have to spend time on ironing or steaming. This is a great choice for hosts that want a very low maintenance bedding set.

This is made from 100% microfiber, so it will trap more heat than pure cotton sheets. Keep this in mind, especially if your rental property is in a tropical destination.

3. California Design Den 400-Thread-Count Cotton Sheets: Best Durable Sheets

Durable sheets are always a plus for vacation rental (Source: Amazon)

California Design Den’s 400 Thread Count cotton sheets are our favorite for a durable, affordable, yet luxe bed sheet. Get them starting at $44.99 a set on Amazon or through the California Design Den website.

Because they’re made from pure cotton, they’re very breathable and regulate body temperature well. They also feel crisp, cool, and clean.

They’re machine-washable and bleachable, and are very easy to clean. Despite being made of pure cotton, these are very sturdy. Users report that these sheets rarely pill, and don’t show signs of wear even after multiple washes. A great pick for any Airbnb host.

However, take note that these may need to be pressed, as the material means it will wrinkle after a wash. This might not be a good choice if you’re unwilling to put in that bit of extra work.

“I personally can attest to the luxurious feel and feeling comfortable throughout the night. Guests have commented about how much they like the linens.” - Carolyn Berry, wedding officiant and Airbnb superhost

4. Cozy Earth Classic Bedding Bundle: Best Luxury Bedding Set

Want ultra-luxe sheets? Try this Cozy Earth bedding set (Source: Cozy Earth)

Cozy Earth is known for its luxurious bamboo fabric. Give your guests the most amazing experience with this classic bedding set, which starts at $319 on Amazon.

This is made from viscose bamboo, which is extremely soft and smooth to the touch. Bamboo fabric is also known for its breathability and coolness.

These sheets are machine-washable and can be machine dried. They are also pill-proof. These come with risk-free 100-night trial, and a limited 10-year warranty so you can make sure that your sheets stay perfect, no matter how many guests you have using them. 

Though we think it’s worth the price, it’s much more expensive than the other sheets on this list. Still, if you want to deck your vacation rental with only the best products, Cozy Earth is a great pick.

Take note that bleach and fabric softener should not be used on bamboo fabric as they can damage the integrity of the material.

“I was sold reading the description because the listing said the sheets would reduce bacteria growth and help regulate body temperature throughout the night.” Carolyn Berry

5. Bedsure Bamboo Pillow Cases: Best Cooling Pillow Cases

These pillow cases are made from breathable bamboo fabric (Source: Amazon)

If you’re only looking for pillow cases, our top choice would be these Bedsure Bamboo pillow cases. Get them on Amazon for $15.99 (queen-sized), or check them out on the Bedsure website.

Not only are these pillow cases affordable, but they’re made of bamboo viscose. These are breathable and provide a comfortable and cool sleep, every time.

Like all the sheets on our list, these can be machine washed and dried. However, don’t put bleach or fabric softener on them (as with all bamboo fabrics). Still, if you ruin these pillow cases, you can easily get a replacement on Amazon for cheap.

Unfortunately, despite being made of bamboo which shouldn’t wrinkle, users report the pillow cases wrinkle after a wash. Steaming or ironing on a low setting can combat this.

“It's super soft and easy to clean. I wash it with a scent booster so it smells fresh when my guests snuggle in to watch a movie.” - Naomi K. Baldwin, Arbnb and VRBO host

6. Pact Cool-Air Percale Sheet Set: Top Organic Bedding Set

Stay cool with this organic bedding set.(Source: Pact)

If you want a sustainable yet luxurious bedding set, you can’t go wrong with Pact’s Cool-Air Percale Sheet Set. Get it on their website for $128 for the queen-sized option.

Pact makes everything out of eco-friendly organic cotton which uses less water to grow and uses no toxic chemicals.

These sheets are extremely cool and crisp to the touch. Plus, you can machine wash and tumble dry them on low. As they’re made from pure cotton, you can even bleach them—perfect for Airbnb hosts that want to keep their sheets clean and fresh for every guest.

It’s not the cheapest sheet set out there: this set only comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, two pillow cases, and a laundry bag. Still, it won’t break the bank if you decide to purchase multiple sets.

Key Takeaway

A good night’s sleep starts with the proper bedding: cool and fresh linens will always be a big hit with your guests. Leave them feeling refreshed every day of their vacation by picking the best bedding for your rooms. Though each of these beddings are fantastic choices, we’re partial to the Allswell Starter Bed Bundle. Not only is it made of 100% cotton for an ultra-luxe feeling, but it also comes with everything you need to make the perfect bed—all for an affordable price.

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