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Best Airbnb Keyless Deadbolts

Key takeaways

Best Airbnb Keyless Deadbolts

Owning a vacation rental means you’ll hopefully be seeing a lot of activity on your property. One major concern with this is security: how do you keep unwanted visitors from entering your property? This becomes doubly difficult when you’re located elsewhere and can’t be around to supervise check-ins and check-outs.

Enter the keyless deadbolt. Unlike mechanical deadbolts, these use a numbered code to open. The best can even be remotely opened and managed via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Without pesky physical keys that can get lost or stolen, the risk of unwanted guests lessens (though you still need to be wary about who has access to the code). They’re a godsend for Airbnb hosts that want to secure their property and manage guests remotely.

The best keyless deadbolts for your vacation rental include:

An Airbnb Host Checklist is the best way to make sure you don’t miss anything when setting up your Airbnb or simply make a copy of the Host Checklist Google Sheet. Happy hosting!

How We Selected the Best Airbnb Keyless Deadbolts

These keyless deadbolts come highly recommended by trusted Airbnb hosts and hundreds, if not thousands, of reviews online. They have top-of-the-line security features, can withstand weather changes plus the wear-and-tear of a vacation rental, are affordable, and come with techy features (like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity).

Read more about how we evaluated these deadbolts below:

  • Host Recommendations: We contacted Airbnb hosts and superhosts, and considered their recommendations for the best deadbolts and brands.
  • Online Reviews: Then, we scoured hundreds of reviews online to see what people in the industry liked and disliked.
  • Security: Since deadbolts secure your property, it only makes sense that we rated each by the security features they provide.
  • Durability: The deadbolts should be able to withstand various weather, like rain. They (especially the keypads) should also be resistant to wear-and-tear, especially with multiple guests using them week after week.
  • Price: Deadbolts needn’t be expensive: though keyless deadbolts often cost more than their mechanical counterparts, these six are affordable for the features they provide.
  • High-Tech Features: Not all keyless deadbolts come with connectivity to various apps. However, this is extremely useful as you can monitor locks and unlocks, and set and reset codes remotely. Thus, we rated high-tech deadbolts higher in our list.

According to our criteria the best keyless deadbolt for Airbnb hosts is the Schlage Encode Smart Electronic Deadbolt. Not only is it extremely durable, but it has Wi-Fi connectivity so you can monitor usage, create codes, and facilitate check-ins (and outs)—all from a remote location.

1. Schlage Encode Smart Electronic Deadbolt: Best Overall Keyless Deadbolt

Protect your property with this Wi-FI compatible lock from Schlage (Source: Schlage)

The Schlage Encode is still one of our favorite smart deadbolts, despite coming out in 2019. One big plus about its age is that it’s relatively affordable—buy it on Amazon for $299.99, or check out Schlage’s website to find other retailers.

Like Schlage’s other deadbolts, this one comes in two different styles and four different trims to suit any vacation rental. It also looks unobtrusive on doors at 0.9 x 3 x 5 inches.

This is great for vacation rentals with its Wi-Fi connectivity: this Schlage deadbolt can manage up to 100 unique codes through the compatible Schlage Home app or Amazon Key app. Monitor check-ins and check-outs from wherever you are in the world by easily sending your guests a unique code that you can change. You can also set onetime or recurring codes for your staff to use.

Other security features are a built-in alarm to alert for intruders and any other security breaches.

It’s resistant to weather. It’s waterproof and tested against extreme heat and cold. The lock also has a fingerprint-resistant keypad, though take note this keypad will eventually show some wear with years of use—changing your codes repeatedly will help with this problem.

“Schlage Encode is the most effective and can have multiple users but it is also the most costly. Very easy to scale with Schlage Keyless Door locks. The only negative about this keypad is that it’s extremely popular and inventory stock is not always available. It’s a vital part of success.” -Ramiro Cerda, co-founder of TheMVP.Life and Escape Travel Club

2. MiLocks DF-02SN Electronic Touchpad Deadbolt: Best for the Budget Host

For affordable security, try this MiLocks deadbolt (Source: Amazon)

First seen in 2016, the MiLocks DF-02SN is our top pick for hosts on a budget. At $52.94 on Amazon, this is undoubtedly one of the cheapest keyless deadbolts around. Check the MiLocks website for more information.

Because of its price, don’t expect frills: this keyless deadbolt holds up to six unique codes, which have to be managed and deleted manually. This is definitely not the ideal choice for hosts looking to manage their rentals remotely, but it’s more than enough for local hosts (or hosts with a trusted property manager) that need an affordable lock to secure their property.

Despite the price tag, it’s secure and durable. You can program codes with 2–8 digits, it has a built-in alarm that activates after four failed attempts, and it’s weatherproof. Do note that like the Schlage Encode, a keyless deadbolt with a keypad like this is prone to fading, which can make codes easier to guess.

3. Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt: Best Durable Keyless Deadbolt

This Schlage lock is extremely durable (Source: Schlage)

The tough Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt has been around since 2016, and you can easily find it on Amazon for $267 or on the Schlage website.

Though it’s not cheap, It’s one of the best built deadbolts around. It’s heavy-duty, resistant to brute force, and at 10 inches in height it looks imposing on your door. Like most Schlage locks, it’s weatherproof and can withstand extreme freezing and heat.

It holds up to 30 unique codes, but keep in mind that each code can only have 4 digits. This makes it less secure than locks that can generate longer codes.

The “Smart” in its name comes from its Bluetooth connectivity. It can pair with mobile phones so your guests can open the lock without having to enter the code on the keypad. Still, Bluetooth locks can be hacked, so take extra precautions when using the Bluetooth connectivity with this lock.

To combat this, you can purchase an extra Wi-Fi adapter via Schlage. With Wi-Fi capabilities, you can manage and monitor codes and usage through Schlage’s Home app remotely. This is especially useful for vacation rental hosts who need to facilitate guest check-ins.

“This makes things simple for guests and hosts.” -Cara Bevilacqua, CEO of Potenza Capital Management and Airbnb host

4. Yale Assure Lock SL: Best for Small Spaces

This slim, smart lock will look great on any door (Source: Yale)

The minimalist Yale Assure Lock SL was released in 2017. Starting at $286.31 on Amazon, this smart deadbolt won’t break the bank. You can also check out the Yale website to see physical retailers near you.

The touchscreen keypad placed on the outside of the door measures 0.67 x 2.6 x 3.6 inches, while the deadbolt inside measures 2.1 x 2.9 x 6.9 inches. This makes the Yale Assure SL one of the sleekest (and space efficient) locks on the market. Its small size means that it’s compatible with almost any type of door.

Because of its small size, it doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi compatibility. Instead, the package comes with a Wi-Fi bridge you can attach to the lock and to an outlet inside your home. This gives the deadbolt Wi-Fi capabilities and Bluetooth capabilities: great for Airbnb hosts needing to manage codes remotely, and great for guests that want to unlock doors using their phones.

Still, some users report spotty Wi-Fi connectivity, and Yale customer support leaves a lot to be desired. If controlling your deadbolt via Wi-Fi is extremely important to you (i.e., if you’re a remote host) then we suggest finding a lock with built-in Wi-Fi instead.

5. August WiFi 4th Generation Smart Lock: Best Luxury Pick

We love the discreet look of this deadbolt (Source: Amazon)

The first model of the August Smart Lock debuted in 2013. This is the most updated version, which was released in 2020.

At $229.99 on the August website (and around $200 on Amazon), this deadbolt is fairly affordable and looks much more expensive than its price.

This version doesn’t include a keypad, and your guests will have to download the August app to receive their code and unlock the door (you can also purchase a keypad through August’s website).

Still, there are some nifty plus sides: this lock integrates with Airbnb, so scheduled guests will receive a timed code automatically without doing anything on your part. These codes will expire when your guests’ vacation ends.

Though it’s small, it has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities that lets you access the lock from anywhere in the world. Like all the Wi-Fi deadbolts on our list, this allows you to manage and monitor your codes and your lock seamlessly.

“The August system will automatically send guests a code and instructions for the keypad when they book with you. It will also automatically expire when their reservation is up.” - Cara Bevilacqua

6. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro WiFi: Best for Extreme Security

This Ultralog Pro WiFi comes with built-in WiFi features (Source: Amazon)

The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro WiFi was released in early 2022, making this the most updated deadbolt on our list. It’s available for $249 on Amazon and starts significantly cheaper at $189.99 on the Ultraloq website.

This deadbolt connects via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and codes can be accessed, controlled and managed via an app. It also has a keypad so your guests can open the door by physically punching in a code. It has extra security features, like the ability to recognize pins even with random numbers before and after, making it peek-proof. In fact, it is ANSI-certified Grade 1, meaning it has the highest-grade security around.

This is a super simple deadbolt to install and use, with an app that walks you through setup. The app is also very simple and is perfect for beginner hosts to manage their codes. With multiple ways to open the lock, your guests won’t have to download any pesky apps (if they don’t want to).

Despite its ease-of-use, users report having difficulty contacting the Ultraloq team. If you run into problems with your deadbolt, you may have to wait a while before they get resolved.

Key Takeaway

The best keyless deadbolt for your vacation rental will keep your property extra secure from break-ins and unwanted visitors, while making it convenient for you to manage check-ins and outs remotely. Though you can’t go wrong no matter which of these six you pick, our top choice is still the Schlage Encode Smart Electronic Deadbolt for its affordability, top-notch security features, and reliability.

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