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Best Airbnb Security Systems

Key takeaways

Best Airbnb Security Systems

As the name suggests, a security system is something that protects properties against potential threats. These systems, whether it makes use of a camera, motion sensor, or alarms, will monitor different entry points to deter or catch any threat within the vicinity. 

For anyone renting out an Airbnb or vacation rental, a security system is a must. Not only do they ensure the safety of your guests but also your property. Having a security system installed in your vacation rental can have a slew of benefits such as easier day-to-day monitoring, break-in prevention, and remote turnover after each guest just to name a few. 

To narrow down your choices, we’ve selected the top 6 security systems for vacation rental hosts.

The best Airbnb Security System includes:

An Airbnb Host Checklist is the best way to make sure you don’t miss anything when setting up your Airbnb or simply make a copy of the Host Checklist Google Sheet. Happy hosting!

How We Selected The Best Airbnb Security System

Every security system has its standout features that make it appealing to Airbnb hosts. However, the best ones have common key features that make them stand out from the rest. 

To find the best security system in the market, we evaluated Airbnb Security Systems based on: 

  • Host Recommendations: Going straight to the source, we asked Airbnb hosts which security system they use and trust.
  • Online Reviews: With our shortlist of Host recommended security systems in hand, the next step was reading online reviews to see which ones were truly worth the hype. 
  • Ease of Installation and Customization: Aside from rave reviews, we also had to consider how easy each security system was to install and which ones you could customize. Nothing is worse than spending hundreds of dollars on equipment that is too complicated to set up and start using.
  • Price: Of course, we had to consider the price. While you can find a security system in almost any price range, we looked into which ones are worth the investment of your hard-earned money.
  • Durability: With multiple guests coming in and out of Airbnbs and vacation rentals, a durable and sturdy security system that can withstand the inevitable wear and tear is necessary. We chose security systems that have proven themselves as a worthwhile investment. 
  • Key Technological Features: We gave extra points to the systems with special high-tech and useful features that take the extra step to truly keep Airbnb and vacation rentals secure.

According to our criteria, the best security system for Airbnb hosts is Vivint Smart Home Security and Alarm Systems. With its professional installation, Vivint’s Smart Home Video Monitoring Security System pairs with existing smart home features and is sure to keep your Airbnb and Vacation rental secure at all times. Its durable design and array of customizable set-ups have earned it pristine reviews from users. With its ability to work with or without a Wi-Fi connection, Vivint offers you round-the-clock security and can alert the authorities in case of any emergency without disruption. 

The best airbnb security systems are:

1. Vivint: Best Luxury Security System

Vivint Premium Package (Source: Vivint)

While it’s our top pick for an Airbnb security system, Vivint Smart Home Video Monitoring also takes the title of the best luxury security system. Vivint Smart Home Security and Alarm Systems was founded in 1999 and has been keeping homes safe ever since. To install Vivint Smart Home Video Monitoring security system you will have to purchase their security equipment which starts at $599 with a $99 installation fee. Once installed you can manage your Airbnb through Vivint security system app starting at $44.95 per month.

Vivint offers 24/7 professional monitoring and 24/7 video recording with 30-day storage. Vivint also makes use of motion sensors to guarantee the safety of your property and guests. If it detects a threat Vivint will automatically alert the nearest emergency contacts within your area to address the situation. All this can be done with or without a Wi-Fi connection meaning your property is truly under 24/7 security no matter what.

To aid check-in and check-out Vivint also has keypads installed to allow easy guest rotation with no physical keys that guests can copy and compromise. Simply change the code on your phone each time a guest checks out and send the new code to your next guests. 

Vivint is an overall impressive security system, but that doesn’t mean it doesn't have a few drawbacks. Vivint’s motion sensor feature can cause false alarms because of the movement of pets and other triggers. Budget restraints can also be a deterrent when considering Vivint as an Airbnb Security System. While most security companies rent out their equipment, Vivint requires hosts to invest a lot of money to buy their equipment upfront. 

“In my opinion, Airbnb needs security powered by Vivint. It’s a property management system and a security system all in one— a complete solution for Airbnb homeowners. They offer many different customizable options that make the process of securing your home much easier. One important feature of Vivint is its Smart Security System. They will notify you if your security sensors get activated. Vivint also offers 24/7 live monitoring, so you can feel secure even away from your homestay. Talking about the property management systems–Vivint can turn off your AC, even if you have gone to an outstation. You’ll be able to access the Vivint Smart Home app and make adjustments from anywhere with the Internet. I like it because it offers a combined security and management solution for Airbnbs.”

- Host Review

2. Ring: Best for Airbnb Hosts on a Budget 

Ring Starter Kit (Source: Ring)

Since 2012, Ring Home Security System has been offering Airbnb hosts a more affordable option for securing their property. With its Ring Starter Kit equipment starting at $99 and a $3 monthly app fee, Ring is one of the most affordable security systems on the market. Depending on your property needs and size, you can opt to set up a basic DIY Ring security system in less than 15 minutes or have a professional install an upgraded complete setup. From a smart lock keypad to a monitoring camera, Ring allows you to monitor your property and ensure that your guests are following your Airbnb rules. 

While its price is unbeatable, it’s important to consider that Ring does not work without a stable Wi-Fi connection. If your internet provider glitches, chances are so will your Ring security system for the time being. 

“Ring has been a great security system for our Airbnb. The Ring Starter Kit is amazing! It captures your floodlight and doorbell. It has helped us see who is coming and going, and with recording, availability has enabled us to have video documentation of guests who try to throw parties to turn over to Airbnb.”

- Host Review

3. Simplisafe: Best for Small Spaces

The Foundation Kit (Source: Simplisafe)

Established in 2006 Simplisafe home security system is our pick for the best security system for small spaces. While it caters to businesses and large homes, they have created space-saving packages and plans perfect for smaller spaces like Airbnb apartments and condominiums. Their Foundation Kit consists of everything a small Airbnb will need including a Base Station, Keypad, 1 Entry Sensor, and 1 Motion Sensor starting at $245 with a 60-day refundable warranty. 

With these essential features, you can remotely monitor your property and offer your guests ease of checking in and checking out through the guest passcode feature. Simplisafe can be used with their app for 24/7 standard professional monitoring with no Wi-Fi connection starting at $17.99 per month. 

Simplisafe has a security system package for any space, however, there are some complaints regarding older models of Simplisafe being hacked or frequently causing false alarms. Fortunately, this model has been phased out in recent years. 

4. ADT: Best For Durability

ADT Home Security Package (Source: ADT)

Founded in 1874, ADT security systems have proven themselves to be durable and reliable throughout the years. As an Airbnb host, it’s expected that your security system will experience some wear and tear because of the volume of revolving guests. However, this doesn’t mean that you should replace your entire system every few months.

Confident in their products' durability, ADT offers Video and Smart Home packages to all clients with a warranty of 6 months should you find any faults in your security system. Unlike other security systems, ADT also allows you to pay for their equipment in monthly installments starting at $17.48 rather than spending hundreds of dollars upfront. Monthly fees connected with the ADT app also includes professional monitoring which starts at $45.99 per month depending on your plan.

ADT is a great choice for Airbnb hosts, however, it is a more long-term commitment as compared to other security systems on our list. While it has proven its durability, the company also requires a 3-year contract. 

5. Cove: Best Rated by Customers

Cove Security System (Source: Lowes)

Since releasing its first security system in 2018, Cove's security system has quickly garnered rave reviews from users. Most of its setup costs less than $120 per piece while its 24/7 monitoring app starts at only $14.99 per month. You can easily get a quote and customize your setup on their website and purchase their app on any app store. While the equipment and 24/7 monitoring are worth noting, most reviews highlight their ability to limit false alarms and great customer service. Unlike other security systems, Cove makes it a point to send you a text to confirm an emergency before sending personnel to your Airbnb. This ensures that your guests are only interrupted if it's necessary. 

If you have any concerns about your Cove security system, online reviews have shown that reaching out to their support team is worth a try. Should you still not find a solution to your problem after contacting them, Cove also allows you to cancel your 24/7 monitoring with no penalties.

“Cove has been awesome. It was so simple to install and has worked great. I would recommend it to anyone. Customer support was great too. They offered a full security solution which is hard to find with the big brands. It seems like they really care.” 

- Kyle of American Fork, UT on Consumer Affairs Reviews

6. FrontPoint: Best High-Tech Security System

Family Lookout Kit (Source: Frontpoint)

While FrontPoint security was only founded in 2007, their constant system upgrade has allowed them to continue being a top choice for security. Depending on your security needs, FrontPoint equipment can range from $120 for the Starter Pack Kit to $350 for the Family Lookout Kit with a monitoring app that costs $50 a month. 

While each package of FrontPoint has its benefits, the Family Lookout Kit comes with a special feature known as geo-fencing that can be quite useful in managing an Airbnb. Anytime you are not within the Airbnb geo-fence perimeter, Frontpoint will notify you if your property or security system has been left unlocked or unarmed. Given that most Airbnb hosts manage their property remotely, Frontpoint can also be set up to handle in-property tasks. This includes turning on the lights, setting alarms, and connecting to other smart home devices like Google Play or Alexa. 

While all these features are a plus, it’s important to note that FrontPoint does not offer professional installation. This means that how well you set up your security system may affect how efficiently its features will work. 

Key Takeaway

The best security system is one that you can customize and use to address all your security concerns as an Airbnb and Vacation Rental Host. Every security system on our list has its pros and cons but our number one choice is Vivint Security System. With its entry keypad pad security and 24/7 monitoring alongside its direct contact with emergency personnel, Vivint offers an all-in-one Airbnb security system that hosts can constantly rely on.

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